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Our projects reflect our worldview and our passion, and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store. From tools and technology, we create magic and wonderful worlds. We have a range of projects for you to explore, each with its own personality and flair, and this is your one-stop destination for everything Sparuh-related.


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A short introduction

Meet Sparuh Studio, where we create magic and wonderful worlds. We are a small team of passionate game makers who love making games and stories. We make games that are fun, engaging, and meaningful. We make games that are diverse, inclusive, and accessible. We make games that are inspired by our dreams, experiences, and cultures.

We make games that we hope you will love as much as we do. In this video, we will introduce ourselves and our projects, and show you why we do what we do. Enjoy this video and join us on our journey. Thank you for watching and supporting Sparuh Studio!


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No Ruto

Fresh ink still glistening on your diploma, a whole world of possibility sprawls before you. Now it’s time to seek your place within it. Climb aboard the Witasy Express and embark on a months-long, dice-guided journaling adventure across vibrant lands brimming with potential. Where the rails lead, your story follows.


Solitaria is a game where you get to live on a magical Floating Island with your own cozy cabin.

Hoodie Spirit

Assume the role of a Hoodlin, a courageous and enigmatic being, as you embark on a quest to claim the coveted title of Spirit King. 


You play as a Scopicitiae Mode (an inhabitant of this world) or a World mode (where you act as a narrator that oversees the world).


Say hello to The Grid, the core and essence of iXe. It’s where the fun begins. And never ends. The Grid is composed of servers that run the Game World.

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We are proud to share our projects with you, from the ones that are already released to the ones that are still in development. You can learn more about each project, see some screenshots and videos, and find out how to play or support them. You can also see our roadmap and our game ideas vault, where we reveal our plans and concepts for our future projects. Join us on our journey and discover the magic and wonderful worlds we create.