Unleash your inner author! iXe provides the tools and prompts to craft unforgettable solo stories in a digital world.

iXe is a solo journaling tabletop roleplaying game that takes you to a digital utopia where you can create your own avatar and scenes. In iXe, you explore The Grid, a virtual world where anything is possible. You can meet characters from different genres, genres, and realities, and shape your own stories with them.

You can also customize your avatar with traits, skills, and items that reflect your personality and preferences. iXe is powered by the Sparuh Solo System, a simple and flexible game engine that uses dice, cards, and prompts to generate events and outcomes. iXe is a game for anyone who loves imagination, creativity, and adventure. If you want to experience a digital wonderland where you are the hero of your own story, then iXe is the game for you.

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