Sparuh is a small home-based studio with a big heart and a bigger vision. Our owner is a storyteller at heart, who has always dreamed of creating amazing stories and worlds that can rival the best in the industry. He has a strong portfolio of original intellectual properties that showcase his creativity and talent, and he is determined to make his mark in the world. At Sparuh, we believe in living life with joy and curiosity. 

We love exploring new ideas and bringing them to life through our projects. We use different mediums like games, art, and entertainment to tell our stories, and we always try to make them original, creative, and engaging. We don’t let our small size or budget stop us from pursuing our dreams. We work hard, have fun, and learn from our mistakes.


In the coming years, we plan to slowly grow our business, creating and distributing high-quality content that can wow our audience and inspire them. We will focus on building a loyal fan base and expanding our portfolio of intellectual property through hard work and determination.

We will also collaborate with other creators and partners who share our vision and passion. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own projects or just want to see what we’re up to, check out our page to see what we have in store. You’ll find our current projects we’re working on, as well as our past projects we’ve completed. You’ll also find out more about us, our philosophy, and our goals. 

We hope you’ll join us on our journey and see what we have to offer.

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