Do you have a pile of old books that you never finished reading? Do you wish you could bring them to life and play with your favorite characters?

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Welcome to Unfinished: Arena of Books, a card and book dueling game where you can use your books as weapons and characters in a tabletop RPG. In Unfinished, you will need a book (one per player) and a set of bookmarks that you can print and cut out. Each bookmark has a different ability or effect that you can use in the game. You will also need a dice and a pen. You will use the book as the arena, the story, and the character sheet. You will create your own hero based on the book you chose, and face off against other players or enemies in the book.

Unfinished is a game for anyone who loves card games, tabletop RPGs, and books. It features a unique system of bookmarks that allows you to customize your hero and use different strategies in combat. It also lets you explore different books and genres, and experience a different story every time you play. Unfinished is currently available for download and has a Halloween version as well. If you want to support the game and get access to exclusive updates and content, you can also join the Patreon community. Unfinished is a game made by Sparuh, an indie game developer who is passionate about card games, tabletop RPGs, and books.

Are you ready to turn your books into an adventure? Download Unfinished today and start your duel!

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