In Solitaria, you’re the sole inhabitant of a beautiful floating island. Customize your cozy cabin, explore secrets, and record your adventures in your journal.

Welcome to Solitaria, a cozy solo ttrpg journaling game that lets you escape to your own magical floating island. All you need is a poker deck, a journal, and a pen to start your adventure. In Solitaria, you are the sole inhabitant of a beautiful island in the sky. You have a cozy cabin that you can customize and decorate to your liking. You can also explore the island, discover its secrets, and interact with its flora and fauna.

Along the way, you will create your own stories and memories, and record them in your journal. Solitaria is a game that you can play at your own pace, whenever you feel like it. There are no rules to follow, no goals to achieve, no pressure to perform. Just you and your island, waiting for you to explore and enjoy. So grab your poker deck, your journal, and your pen, and get ready to embark on a journey to Solitaria. Your island awaits you.

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