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We use the word “Sparuh” to describe: A lighthearted approach to life.


The Reason I Started Sparuh

In my free time, I like to do 2 things reading and listening to music. My favourite band is Seycara featuring composer Yuang Chen, but that’s not surprising since they were a part of what got me into this whole thing in the first place!


The first part that got me interested in diving headfirst into my projects was reading Show Your Work! recommended by Ali Abdaal and Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn. 


It gave me some perspective about how much work goes into creating something new or making improvements to existing ideas. But really, the whole reason that I‘m doing all this is that I enjoy doing it. 


It's Who I Am

As an artist, writer, musician, game designer, etc... And there are so many people out there with amazing talent who never get their chance because they don't think big enough. I know cause I used to be one of those guys too! But now I've decided to stop being afraid of failure and just go for it anyway! And you can do the same too!

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My goal here isn't necessarily to create things where everyone loves them (although that would certainly make life easier) - but rather to create content which can help others grow on their own journey towards self-improvement. This doesn't mean you have to agree with everything I say either; if anything, I'd love for us to disagree from time to time while still maintaining respect and open communication.



My ideas aren't perfect, but at least I try every day to make them better than yesterday! And the ideas that matured from these little steps forward will become bigger and more exciting overtime!

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Positioning Myself

I created this site to serve as an accountability partner for myself where I can track my progress over time and see exactly where I stand against my dreams. If you want help along the way, feel free to reach out! We'll figure each other out together! So if the projects here interest you, then check out how you can support them below.

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Financially, I also created a support system because although money isn't everything; however, it does play a huge role, especially in project costs. So far I haven't had any major expenses aside from hosting fees. So please consider supporting.

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The nook and cranies

It's not easy running the projects, so supporting me through Patreon or other platforms makes sure that I have the financial resources needed to continue working hard on them until they're finished. Also, I use Payoneer which means that everyone gets paid instantly without having to wait for payday!

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To Support Me

I just want to let you know this site has a separate Patreon account from the rest of the projects, it helps keep me motivated and focused on keeping this up-to-date! While individual projects might not receive direct benefits from your patronage unless you support them through their individual subscription service – Patreon, Ko-fi, Buy me a coffee, etc – that was set up. 


That said, I appreciate anyone who supports this site regardless of whether you choose to support specific content within it. Thank You!


Thank you again for visiting my page and thank you in advance for anything you choose to pledge towards my future endeavours!

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