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We use the word “Sparuh” to describe: A lighthearted approach to life.

From Our Founder

The Reason I Started Sparuh

Hi there, from the founder of Sparuh, a game studio that aims to create fun and engaging games for everyone. I’m glad you’re here, because I want to share with you a little bit about myself and what inspired me to start this journey. You see, I have two passions in life: game designing and music. When I’m not working on my games, I love to listen to some tunes and relax. One of my favorite bands is Seycara, a group of amazing musicians led by the composer Yuang Chen. Their music is so inspiring and uplifting, and it always puts me in a good mood. In fact, it was their music that sparked my interest in pursuing my own creative projects. I was so impressed by their talent and dedication that I wanted to learn more about how they did it. 


That’s when I came across two books that changed my life: Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon and Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn.

These books taught me so much about the process of creating something from scratch or improving on existing ideas. They showed me how to share my work with the world, test my assumptions, and get feedback from my audience. They also gave me a lot of encouragement and motivation to keep going even when things got tough. But the most important thing I learned from these books is that the best way to succeed in anything is to love what you do. 


The joy and fulfillment that I get from game designing and music is what drives me to keep improving and learning new skills. It is this passion that led me to start Sparuh, and it is what keeps me going every day. I hope you share this passion with me, and I hope you enjoy playing my games as much as I enjoy making them. Thank you for being here, and thank you for your support. 

You are awesome!


It's Who I Am

As an artist, writer, musician, game designer, etc... And there are so many people out there with amazing talent who never get their chance because they don't think big enough. I know cause I used to be one of those guys too! But now I've decided to stop being afraid of failure and just go for it anyway! And you can do the same too!

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My goal here isn't necessarily to create things where everyone loves them (although that would certainly make life easier) - but rather to create content which can help others grow on their own journey towards self-improvement. This doesn't mean you have to agree with everything I say either; if anything, I'd love for us to disagree from time to time while still maintaining respect and open communication.



My ideas aren't perfect, but at least I try every day to make them better than yesterday! And the ideas that matured from these little steps forward will become bigger and more exciting overtime!

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Positioning Myself

I created this site to serve as an accountability partner for myself where I can track my progress over time and see exactly where I stand against my dreams. If you want help along the way, feel free to reach out! We'll figure each other out together! So if the projects here interest you, then check out how you can support them below.

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Financially, I also created a support system because although money isn't everything; however, it does play a huge role, especially in project costs. So far I haven't had any major expenses aside from hosting fees. So please consider supporting.

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The nook and cranies

It's not easy running the projects, so supporting me through Patreon or other platforms makes sure that I have the financial resources needed to continue working hard on them until they're finished. Also, I use Payoneer which means that everyone gets paid instantly without having to wait for payday!

  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 
  • Solo Ttrpg Games Digital Item Wallpapers Stories World Building 

To Support Sparuh

Hey there, fellow gamers and adventurers! We are Sparuh, a game studio that dreams of creating amazing stories and worlds for you to explore and enjoy. We are inspired by the magic of Disney, Pixar, and our favourite, Studio Ghibli. But to make our dreams come true, we need your help! We are currently running on a few platforms to crowd-fund, set up an online shop, and collect funds to run our project campaign.

Here’s how you can support us and get some awesome rewards in return:

  • Patreon: This is where enthusiastic supporters like you can help us out monthly and receive exclusive project updates and instant access to our games published on Itch. You’ll also get to vote on polls, join our Discord server, and more. Become a patron today and join our Sparuh family!
  • Ko-Fi: If you’re looking for some cool digital products, head over to our Ko-fi shop page! You can make a one-time payment for awesome items like wallpapers and more. Or you can just buy us a coffee to show your appreciation. We love coffee!
  • This is where we publish our digital games on! We’ve got mostly TTRPG games for now, but there’s definitely more to come. You can download them for free or pay what you want. Either way, you’ll have a blast playing them with your friends.
  • Gumroad: We’ve got a little something for everyone on our Gumroad page! From gamebooks and icons to templates and game assets, we’ve got a great mix of digital items for you to enjoy. 
  • Project Page: Or you can check our project page to find which project you’re interested in and support by buying or sharing.

Most of our items have a demo set, a free set which include pay what you want and a premium product, such as the $1.50 digital wallpaper. Check them out and see what catches your eye. We are so grateful for your support and interest in our work. With your help, we can make Sparuh soar to new heights and bring you more amazing games and stories.

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