About Sparuh

About Sparuh, a game studio that creates fun and engaging games for everyone.
We are a team of passionate game designers, web designers, copywriters, editors, and creative directors who love what we do.


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Roadmap & Vault

You can see what we are working on, what we have planned, and what we have in mind for the future. 

About Sparuh’s Founder

About Sparuh's Founder, Yojiico

Our founder and creative director is Yojiico, who has always loved game designing and music. He was inspired by the music of Seycara, a group of amazing musicians led by the composer Yuang Chen. He also learned a lot from the books Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon and Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn, which taught him how to create something from scratch or improve on existing ideas, share his work with the world, test his assumptions, and get feedback from his audience.

He started Sparuh as a way to express his passion and share it with others. He is joined by a talented and dedicated team of professionals who share his vision and enthusiasm. Together, we work hard to bring you the best games and stories possible. But to make our dreams come true, we need your help! We are currently running on a few platforms to crowd-fund, set up an online shop, and collect funds to run our project campaign.

Our Team

Who We Are

About Sparuh's female copywriter and blogger, Ischiron.

Ischiron is our female copywriter and blogger. She writes compelling content for our games and shares insights on our blog.

About Sparuh's layout designer, Colijiyo.

Colijiyo is our male layout designer. He creates stunning and user-friendly layouts for our games.

About Sparuh's Co-founder and female digital artist, Aru.

Aru is our Co-founder and female digital artist. She crafts and plans the design direction for each of our games.

About Sparuh's editor, Yoone.

Yoone is our editor based in Japan. She double checks everything before we publish to ensure it’s perfect.

About Sparuh – Low-Tech Solo Games for Immersive Play

Our Mission & Vision

Sparuh creates engaging low-tech solo games that provide immersive play experiences without fancy equipment. Our catalog includes interactive fiction books, physical game books, card games, and board games featuring unique lore and IP.


Sparuh is a game design studio specializing in low-tech solo games. Our games offer fun, relaxing play for anyone looking to enjoy their alone time. With just a book, board, cards, or analog tool, you can dive into adventure, mystery and more.


At Sparuh, we believe analog games can be as engaging as digital. Our mission is to create simple, enjoyable, accessible low-tech solo games using high-quality materials, beautiful artwork, and captivating stories.